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Young Adult Mission Trip – Summer 2019

Rob Duggan and Libby Hurdelbrink answered some questions after the Young Adult trip to Bethlehem Farm, West Virginia.

There were some concerns before the trip… So many rules to follow! Two showers and no phones. / I was struggling with my faith life… also nervous to do manual labor for the first time in years!

And probably the most challenging part of the trip was…

Being with the same people the whole time. But when we felt some tensions, we seemed to have an unspoken agreement that we were in it together and so we went through that dip with as much grace as possible. / Giving up the phone and email for a whole week almost gave me a panic attack – I am glad I did though!

Describe a moment where you felt really connected. I had an incredible sense of peace and connection to God while we were saying the Rosary during the electricity fast. It reminded me of some things I had forgotten about prayer and how it can help.

How has the trip changed you?   I have made more room for prayer, and I see prayer differently. / The trip brought a real awareness of how many of the downstream effects of our actions can impact God’s creation.

We are incredibly inspired by the support we received on this trip – thank you for your prayers!

Interviewed by Megan Daigle, Pastoral Ministry Asst.


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