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Young Adult Mission Trip – 2019

Saint Andrew Young Adult Mission Trip

Bethlehem Farm, West Virginia

July 27 - August 3, 2019

Who: Young Adults in their 20s and 30s

What: Service Based Mission Trip at Bethlehem Farm in Talcott, West Virginia. The focus of this week is on service, prayer, and Catholic social teaching

When: Depart Chicago for West Virginia on July 27. Service week July 28-August 2. Return to Chicago on August 3.

Details: Join the Saint Andrew Young Adults on their Summer Mission Trip! We are headed to Bethlehem Farm in Talcott, West Virginia, to work with a Catholic group in an underserved area of Appalachia. Take the opportunity to get out of the city this summer, but be prepared for a lot of hard work, genuine companionship, and spiritual growth.

Cost: All inclusive (room, board, and transportation) $475-550. Cost variable depending on overnight accommodations en route to/from WV.

Registration: We have a few guaranteed spots still available! Contact Megan Storti for confirmation of open spots at or by calling 773-525-3016.

Once confirmation of a slot is given, a $50 non-refundable deposit should be mailed or dropped off at the Saint Andrew Parish Rectory, 3546 N Paulina St, Chicago, IL 60657. Make checks payable to Saint Andrew Church. Alternatively, your $50 deposit may be made electronically via Give Central.

Once slots have been filled, we can reach out to Bethlehem Farm to register more participants, providing they have room. So invite your friends to join us on this meaningful, awesome adventure!

More information: Learn more about Bethlehem Farm at, or email Pastoral Ministry Assistant Megan Storti with questions:

What can I expect during a Service Retreat Week at Bethlehem Farm?

When you join us for a week you can expect to:

  • experience a countercultural community
  • work hard
  • wake up early
  • go to bed exhausted every night
  • be challenged and supported physically, emotionally, and spiritually
  • have a voice which others will listen to and respect
  • give up technology for the week
  • pray in both traditional and creative ways
  • meet nature face to face
  • become friends with donkeys, dogs, and chickens
  • prepare meals from scratch
  • spend time in the garden
  • feel uncomfortable at times
  • challenge any Appalachian stereotypes you may have
  • feel at home with complete strangers
  • see God, your friends, and the world in which you live from an entirely new


Here’s what a typical week looks like at the farm:

Arrival (between 6:30 pm & 7:00 pm), Tour around the house and possibly the farm (depending on light), Intro to Bethlehem Farm, Cornerstone Prayer Service, Group Leader Meeting, Free time, & Lights out.
Day at the Farm Wake Up, Morning Prayer, Chores, Breakfast, Dishes, Farm Chores, Mass, Lunch, History & Mission of Bethlehem Farm, Farm Hike, Free Time, Dinner, Dishes, Free Time, & Lights out.
Tuesday – Friday
Days at the Worksites Wake Up, Prayer, Chores, Breakfast, Dishes, Head off to worksites (except home crew), Lunch on site, Return to the Farm, Dinner, Dishes, Evening Prayer, Free Time, & Lights out.
Saturday: Departure Wake Up, Prayer, Breakfast, Dishes, House Clean-Up, Head home (around 10 am)

Special programs:

  • Tuesday: Community Night – we invite local community members up to the farm for a potluck dinner & occasionally they’ll bring a musical instrument or two o Wednesday: River of Life Service – we head to a local weekday worship service and join the members for dessert & sometimes a kickball game in the parking lot with the pastor and his son
  • Thursday: Shared Prayer – it’s an opportunity for the community to reflect and share where they have seen God in the last week
  • Friday: (Summer Months Only) We end the work week with a dip in the Greenbrier River

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