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Wearin’ the Green 2019 Report

Congratulations Saint Andrew Parish and School!

We are thrilled to announce our income from the 2019 Wearin’ the Green Fundraiser.  Thank you for your patience while we reconciled each and every category of the event.  Each year we try to close the books on this event as soon as we can, however there are many reasons why we couldn’t announce the results until now.  The most obvious reason is making certain that all the transactions from pre-event, night of event and post-event are deposited into our account and we can match up those statements with the statements we receive from our auction software partner and our bank.  We are always looking at least a month after the event in order to do so.

We feel that 99.9% of the transactions are complete and only a few additional things could alter our final numbers ie, additional Fund A Need donations and registration for un-sold party spots in the Sign up Party category.  The good news is our number will only increase!  The gross revenue (without Fund A Need) will go towards Parish operating expenses.

Drum roll please …. our best and most successful financial year to date!


Total Gross Revenue w/out Fund A Need               $198,252.58

Total Fund A Need                                                  $112,550.00

Total CUBS Matching Gift                                       $25,000

Total with Fund A Need & CUBS                            $335,808.58


Thank you to each and every person who had a hand in the success of Wearin’ the Green.  We couldn’t have reached the exceptional results we did without you!

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