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May Bingo Challenge

The Saint Andrew May Bingo Challenge is a way for the Saint Andrew community to encourage one another to do good during the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. YOU are challenged to make as many BINGOs on the challenge card as you can and have others do the same!

Here is how to play:

Download Bingo Card


  • Download the bingo card onto your phone, tablet, or desktop or print it out.
  • Load a photo to your choice of social media every time you complete a square. Use the hashtag #SaintAndrewBingo.
  • For every one square you complete, tag two people and challenge them to do complete the Saint Andrew May Bingo Challenge using the following text.

I have been challenged to complete the Saint Andrew May Bingo Challenge by _____[name of challenger]___. I have taken up the challenge and am working toward reaching BINGO! Because I have completed a square on my card, I hereby challenge ________[person #1]__________ and ________[person #2]__________ to complete the challenge. Good luck to everyone playing! #SaintAndrewBingo

  • Every time you complete an activity on the card, go into your photo editor and mark an “x” over the square with the item you completed.

Lets see who can get the most BINGOs by May 31, 2020!

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