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June Update – Gym Modernization Project

We are anxiously awaiting the entire project and scope of work to be signed off on by the Vicar.  Once that process is complete, contracts will be sent to all the trades and work will be scheduled.  All trades understand our sense of urgency and desire to complete this project during the summers months.

Father Sergio has had design discussions regarding the gym project.  Not only do we want the gym to be more modern as it relates to equipment and technology, but we also want it to look fresh and updated all the while still feeling like Saint Andrew!

As a reminder, the following is a running list of things we can provide status on.

  • We established an internal Saint Andrew “Gym Modernization” committee in March
  • We were assigned a Project Manager in late March
  • The PM has been to the Saint Andrew Gym (mid April) and has been given the scope of work (replace 6 existing basketball boards with new electronic ones, relocation of east bleachers, make present bleachers motorized, installation of safety padding, sanding and refinishing the gym floor, electrical upgrades and painting of gym walls)
  • An approved electrician has been to the gym (late April) to quote the electrical requirements – waiting on proposal
  • Proposals for the scope of work have begun to trickle in – floor refinishing, bleachers, basketball backstops and painting of the gym walls
  • Proposals have been reviewed by the Project Manager, Father Sergio and the Gym Modernization committee
  • Recommendations have been made by the Project Manager
  • The bid and scope of work is in front of the Vicar for final approval
  • Design discussions are happening
  • Ready to send contracts to each trade and schedule work

We will continue to communicate our progress via Flocknote eBulletin’s, sign up at for more information. We are very optimistic about our progress thus far and will keep the Parish and School informed every step of the way.  Thank you for your continued support!

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