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Gym Modernization – May 2019 Update

Work continues internally on the Gym Modernization Project.  We have sent multiple bids pertaining to the floor refinishing, bleachers and basketball backstops along to our Project Manager at the Archdiocese.  We are waiting on a few more that will be sent along as soon as we receive.

In addition to the bids we have sent along for review, the Archdiocese has sent two painters to bid on painting the walls of the gym.  We have received both of those proposals and have forwarded them to the Project Manager for review.  We are waiting on a proposal for the electrical upgrades that are required and will send along to the Project Manager.

As a reminder, the following is a running list of things we can provide status on.

We established an internal Saint Andrew “Gym Modernization” committee in March

We were assigned a Project Manager in late March

The PM has been to the Saint Andrew Gym (mid April) and has been given the scope of work (replace 6 existing basketball boards with new electronic ones, relocation of east bleachers, make present bleachers motorized, installation of safety padding, sanding and refinishing the gym floor, electrical upgrades and painting of gym walls)

An approved electrician has been to the gym (late April) to quote the electrical requirements – waiting on proposal

Proposals for the scope of work have begun to trickle in – floor refinishing, bleachers, basketball backstops and painting of the gym walls

Father Sergio is anxiously awaiting a call back from the Project Manager for status on their evaluation of all the bids we have submitted and the approved scope of work.  We can then begin awarding the projects to the company or companies that the Project Manager, Father Sergio and the Gym Modernization committee all agree to be the best timing and cost solution.

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