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Gym Revitalization – Summer 2019

As promised, we want to share the status of the Saint Andrew Gym Modernization project.  As you already know, the success of this year’s Fund A Need was one of the many highlights of Wearin’ the Green.  In fact, the idea of updating and modernizing our gym may have been one of the most popular and relatable Fund A Needs we have ever had!  So much so, that to date, we have raised $112,550.00.  And with the Chicago Cubs matching gift of $25,000, we have $137,550.00 to spend on modernizing the gym!  Thank you to everyone who gave to this very worthy cause!

It’s important to highlight the steps that are required to go through in order to get a project like this one off the ground.  Shortly after Wearin’ the Green, in March, we reached out to the Archdiocese.  Like with most projects, a Project Manager is a requirement when projects are expected to cost over $40,000.  The Archdiocese processed our request and assigned Saint Andrew a Project Manager shortly thereafter.  We are very proud of how quickly things have fallen into place.  See below.

  • We established an internal Saint Andrew “Gym Modernization” committee
  • We were assigned a Project Manager in late March
  • The PM has been to the Saint Andrew Gym (mid April) and has been given the scope of work (replace 6 existing basketball boards with new electronic ones, relocation of east bleachers, make present bleachers motorized, installation of safety padding, sanding and refinishing the gym floor, electrical upgrades and painting of gym walls)
  • An approved electrician has been to the gym (late April) to quote the electrical requirements
  • Proposals for the scope of work have begun to trickle in

The next steps include finalization of the scope of project, request for bids, evaluation and awarding of bids.  We plan to communicate the status of the project bi-weekly via our weekly Flocknote e-Bulletins, sign up at for more information. We are very optimistic about our progress thus far and will keep the Parish and School informed every step of the way.

Thank you for your continued support of Saint Andrew!

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