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Easter Appeal 2019

Dear Parishioner and Friend of Saint Andrew,

This past winter was one of the coldest on record. For two days, time seemed to stand still as the entire city closed up shop, and residents took shelter from the bitter cold. Some welcomed the forced break from the busyness of life. For others, the two days were an interruption of plans and deadlines. In the end though, we all looked forward to the change in weather we have only recently begun to experience. The restrictive layers of clothes, sweaters, and coats have now been shed for the lightness of spring attire.

Two thousand years ago, time stood still, not for two days, but three. A large stone had been rolled across the entrance of a tomb. And Mary and the disciples of Jesus took shelter behind locked doors. Questions and doubts about what had happened three days earlier, along with a fear for their own lives were the restrictive layers that kept them in a world without hope. But, on the third day, the bonds of doubt and fear were loosened as they encountered the Risen Lord. Life as they knew it had been changed forever!

As people of faith, we look to the Risen Lord as the new life that frees us from a world that is often troubled with much hatred, violence and injustice. Christ’s resurrection has freed us from sin and death forever. This includes the sin and death we often watch with dismay on the evening news. Christ’s Resurrection changes everything forever! Like the first disciples, our encounter of the Risen Lord fills us with joy and hope.

In a spirit of thanksgiving, I invite you to join us at Saint Andrew Church for our Easter parish celebrations. Lent and Easter have traditionally been a times to show our gratitude to God for the gift of faith by making a financial offering to the parish. Your contribution is vital for the support of the many ministries of our parish. I have enclosed a contribution envelope for those wishing to support the needs of our ever-growing parish. You can also make a financial contribution online at

Along with thanking God for the gift of our new life in Christ, I will also thank God for the gift of you and all of the parishioners of Saint Andrew Parish. Please be assured of my prayers for you and your loved ones during this Easter Season. May God bless!


Rev. Sergio Romo



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