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Christmas Appeal 2019

Dear Friend of Saint Andrew,

When we think of peace, or the lack of peace, we often think of obvious external examples such as countries torn apart by war, or the violence that plagues our streets. We may not immediately think of the unrest that often exists within our own hearts.

Nations at war and violent cities are not beyond the realm of the peace of Christ. But the peace that Christ brings begins on a more interior level. Christ’s birth establishes peace in hearts burdened by fear, despair, sadness, and anxiety. Freed from these burdens, Christians feel compelled then to spread this peace throughout the world, especially wherever war, injustice, and violence exist.

Each year, through our observance of Advent and the celebration of Christmas, we call to mind not just the Gift of Peace that came to us over 2,000 years ago, but we also acknowledge the Gift of Peace that is always available to us, even now. For 124 years, through its various ministries Saint Andrew Parish has been a place for believers to encounter this transformative gift.

As you celebrate the birth of our Savior please consider making a generous Christmas donation to Saint Andrew Parish. Your Christmas gift will help Saint Andrew continue to be a place where many will find not only a warm and friendly community, but the Prince of Peace as well.  Please help us continue being a place where others may find true and lasting peace by supporting the many ministries at Saint Andrew through the annual Christmas collection.

As we approach these blessed days filled with family and friends, I invite you to join our parish family in celebrating this great season of love, joy and peace. Please be assured of my appreciation for your generosity. You will be in my thoughts and payers at Mass this Christmas Season.

Peace in Christ,


Reverend Sergio Romo



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