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Are We There Yet?

Dear Parish Family,

Every year my brothers and sisters and I eagerly awaited the start of summer vacation. Of course it meant no more school, no more homework, no more tests to study for. But summer vacation meant so much more than these things. It also meant that my parents would take us to Mexico to visit with our extended family there. This was the highlight of our vacation time and what we really looked forward to every year.

My parents would load us up into the family station wagon, and it would not be long before one of us kids would ask, “Are we there yet?” We wanted to get to see our grandmother and cousins as quickly as possible. So, the three day road trip seemed like an eternity for us. Eventually, we learned that we couldn’t make the time on the road go by faster, and the waiting actually made the reunion with family all the more enjoyable.

Today we begin the journey of Advent. It would be easy for us to rush through these weeks before Christmas as we busy ourselves with shopping, preparations and parties. Like a road trip however, we can’t make the days of Advent go any faster. Rather, for people of faith, Advent is a grace-filled time of longing and anticipation, not just for the celebration of Christmas, but for the coming of Christ as well.

This Advent let us resist the temptation to say, “Are we there yet?” and instead enjoy the journey that takes us to our reunion with the Lord. This might make the difference between a Christmas that leaves us tired and empty and a Christmas that we find enjoyable.

In Christ,

Fr. Sergio




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