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Please Note: An error was made in the mailing announcing Mass times for Christmas Eve. There is no 1:00pm Mass on Christmas Eve.

The times for Christmas Eve Mass are 3:00pm, 5:00pm, and 11:00pm. Thank you!

One Heart Uganda

St. Charles Llwanda—Uganda

For several years, Saint Andrew has enjoyed a strong relationship with Fr. Matthias Kakooza from Uganda. He makes annual visits to Chicago to share stories of the growing church in Uganda. Each year during his visit, we hold a special appeal to support his ministries (Parish to Parish). Inspired by his mission, many parishioners support Ugandan students by providing a scholarship for their tuition dollars annually (One Heart Uganda) or by contributing to the building and support of new schools in Fr. Matthias’ area (Essomero). To learn more about these efforts and to get involved visit the following websites. or

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