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Kairos Retreat – Summer 2019

North Side Kairos - August 9 through 12, 2019

The North Side Kairos has been a collaborative effort by Chicago parishes for nearly 20 years. The retreat brings together Kairos leaders from different high school programs around Chicago to provide a coed Kairos retreat for public school students.

The retreat is now accepting registration for youth attendees. To be eligible to attend, a youth participant must have completed their Sophomore, Junior, or Senior year of high school this past academic year (2018-2019).

What you’ll get out attending Kairos…

  1. 4 days to help find your focus at this important time in your life.
  2. Radical acceptance for who you are.
  3. A chance to ask questions about God and the freedom to hear answers presented with openness and without judgement.
  4. New friends who will help you be the best version of yourself.

“Kairos literally means opportunity. This retreat is the perfect opportunity to take time to reflect and form your relationships. It is a four day retreat with both adult and student leaders. Throughout these four days you will be given many different opportunities to take time in community and individually work on yourself. Not only will this be focused on your relationship with God, it will be focused on your relationship with others. A large part of Kairos is being able to take the time to work on those relationship and realize how important they are to you. Kairos is an opportunity to take a step back and really think about everything that has happened throughout your life.”

–Team Leader Katie Vogel

“Everyone gets something different out of the 4 day long retreat called “Kairos.” The word “kairos” itself means “God’s time,” as it encourages the retreatants to leave their chaotic lives behind to focus on God. The retreat is run by a group of adult, as well as student, leaders who plan every event and activity with great intention. As the retreatants continue through Kairos, they will find how God works His love through others as well as themselves. They will see each other more authentically and will grow in closer bonds with one another as they discover their truest potential.”

–Team Leader Libby Horack

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